Information on 1itg
PDB: 1itg
Compound: Hiv-1 integrase (catalytic domain comprising resid
Classification: DNA INTEGRATION
Entry date in PDB: 1995-05-08
Resolution [Å]: 2.30
R-Factor: 0.202

   KEYWORD: 3D-structure    AIDS    Aspartyl protease    Endonuclease    Hydrolase    Metal-binding    Nuclease    Polyprotein    RNA-directed DNA polymerase    Transferase    Zinc    Zinc-finger   
SCOP: c.55.3.2 Alpha and beta proteins (a/b)    Ribonuclease H-like motif    Ribonuclease H-like    Retroviral integrase, catalytic domain    Retroviral integrase, catalytic domain    Human immunodeficiency virus type 1
GO:  aspartic-type endopeptidase activity    DNA binding    integrase activity    nucleic acid binding    ribonuclease H activity    RNA binding    RNA-directed DNA polymerase activity    zinc ion binding    DNA integration    DNA recombination    proteolysis and peptidolysis    RNA-dependent DNA replication   
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Homologous structures to 1itg classified in ArchDB

1ex4 A - percentage of sequence identity: 95
1exq A - percentage of sequence identity: 95
1hyv A - percentage of sequence identity: 100
1k6y A - percentage of sequence identity: 97