Information on 1kiv
PDB: 1kiv
Compound: apolipoprotein a
Classification: KRINGLE
Entry date in PDB: 1999-05-18
Resolution [Å]: 2.10
R-Factor: 0.178

   KEYWORD: 3D-structure    Atherosclerosis    Glycoprotein    Hydrolase    Kringle    Lipid transport    Plasma    Polymorphism    Repeat    Serine protease    Signal   
EC: 3.4.21.-
SCOP: g.14.1.1 Small proteins    Kringle-like    Kringle-like    Kringle modules    Apolipoprotein A    Human (Homo sapiens), IV-10/M66 variant
GO:  chymotrypsin activity    trypsin activity    proteolysis and peptidolysis   
1kiv Image
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Homologous structures to 1kiv classified in ArchDB

1i71 A - percentage of sequence identity: 83
3kiv - - percentage of sequence identity: 98