Information on 1pdk
PDB: 1pdk
Compound: chaperone protein papd
Classification: CHAPERONE
Entry date in PDB: 1999-08-17
Resolution [Å]: 2.40
R-Factor: 0.235

   KEYWORD: 3D-structure    Chaperone    Fimbria    Immunoglobulin domain    Periplasmic    Signal   
SCOP: b.1.11.1 All beta proteins    Immunoglobulin-like beta-sandwich    PapD-like    Pilus chaperone    Pilus chaperone PapD, N-domain    Escherichia coli
SCOP: b.7.2.1 All beta proteins    C2 domain-like    Periplasmic chaperone C-domain    Periplasmic chaperone C-domain    PapD    Escherichia coli
GO:  periplasmic space (sensu Gram-negative Bacteria)    protein binding    cell wall organization and biogenesis   
1pdk Image
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Stored Loops of 1pdk

Loops in ArchDB40 clusters

1pdk_B_71 - HA => SUBCLASS : 2.2.29
1pdk_B_62 - AR => SUBCLASS : 2.3.1

Loops in ArchDB95 clusters

1pdk_B_62 - AR => SUBCLASS : 2.7.1
1pdk_B_71 - HA => SUBCLASS : 2.2.17

Loops not clustered in ArchDB

1pdk_B_15 - EH
1pdk_B_45 - EH
1pdk_B_121 - EH
1pdk_B_75 - HA
1pdk_B_89 - HA
1pdk_B_31 - HE
1pdk_B_59 - HE
1pdk_B_133 - HE

Homologous structures to 1pdk classified in ArchDB

1qpx A - percentage of sequence identity: 98