Information on 1quv
PDB: 1quv
Compound: RNA-directed RNA polymerase
Classification: TRANSFERASE
Entry date in PDB: 1999-11-05
Resolution [Å]: 2.50
R-Factor: 0.223

   KEYWORD: 3D-structure    ATP-binding    Coat protein    Core protein    Envelope protein    Glycoprotein    Helicase    Hydrolase    Nonstructural protein    Polyprotein    RNA-directed RNA polymerase    Serine protease    Transferase    Transmembrane   
SCOP: e.8.1.4 Multi-domain proteins (alpha and beta)    DNA/RNA polymerases    DNA/RNA polymerases    RNA-dependent RNA-polymerase    Viral RNA polymerase    Hepatitis C virus
GO:  viral capsid    viral envelope    ATP binding    ATP-dependent helicase activity    helicase activity    nucleic acid binding    RNA binding    RNA-directed RNA polymerase activity    serine-type peptidase activity    structural molecule activity    proteolysis and peptidolysis    transcription    viral genome replication    viral transformation   
1quv Image
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1gx5 A - percentage of sequence identity: 100
1nb4 A - percentage of sequence identity: 96