Information on 1whf
PDB: 1whf
Compound: coagulation factor x
Classification: GLYCOPROTEIN
Entry date in PDB: 1997-05-15
Resolution [Å]: 0.00
R-Factor: 0.000

   KEYWORD: 3D-structure    Blood coagulation    Calcium-binding    EGF-like domain    Gamma-carboxyglutamic acid    Glycoprotein    Hydrolase    Hydroxylation    Plasma    Repeat    Serine protease    Signal    Sulfation    Vitamin K    Zymogen   
SCOP: g.3.11.1 Small proteins    Knottins (small inhibitors, toxins, lectins)    EGF/Laminin    EGF-type module    Factor X, N-terminal module    Cow (Bos taurus)
SCOP: g.32.1.1 Small proteins    GLA-domain    GLA-domain    GLA-domain    Coagulation factor X    Cow (Bos taurus)
GO:  extracellular region    calcium ion binding    chymotrypsin activity    trypsin activity    proteolysis and peptidolysis   
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Homologous structures to 1whf classified in ArchDB

1dan L - percentage of sequence identity: 60
1edm B - percentage of sequence identity: 68
1g2l B - percentage of sequence identity: 78
1xkb A - percentage of sequence identity: 78