Information on 2mhr
PDB: 2mhr
Compound: Myohemerythrin
Classification: OXYGEN BINDING
Entry date in PDB: 1987-10-16
Resolution [Å]: 1.70
R-Factor: 0.158

   KEYWORD: 3D-structure    Iron    Metal-binding    Muscle protein    Oxygen transport   
SCOP: a.24.4.1 All alpha proteins    Four-helical up-and-down bundle    Hemerythrin    Hemerythrin    Myohemerythin    Sipunculan worm (Themiste zostericola)
GO:  iron ion binding    oxygen transporter activity    transport   
2mhr Image
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Stored Loops of 2mhr

Loops in ArchDB95 clusters

2mhr_*_41 - HH => SUBCLASS : 2.2.10
2mhr_*_19 - HH => SUBCLASS : 3.9.5

Loops not clustered in ArchDB

2mhr_*_70 - HH

Homologous structures to 2mhr classified in ArchDB

1a7d - - percentage of sequence identity: 100
1a7e - - percentage of sequence identity: 99