Information on 2znc
PDB: 2znc
Compound: carbonic anhydrase iv
Classification: LYASE
Entry date in PDB: 1999-03-23
Resolution [Å]: 2.80
R-Factor: 0.182

   KEYWORD: 3D-structure    GPI-anchor    Lipoprotein    Lyase    Membrane    Signal    Zinc   
SCOP: b.74.1.1 All beta proteins    Carbonic anhydrase    Carbonic anhydrase    Carbonic anhydrase    Carbonic anhydrase    Mouse (Mus musculus), isozyme IV
GO:  carbonate dehydratase activity    zinc ion binding    one-carbon compound metabolism   
2znc Image
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Stored Loops of 2znc

Loops in ArchDB-EC clusters

2znc_*_158 - HE => SUBCLASS : 4.17.2

Loops not clustered in ArchDB

2znc_*_207 - AR
2znc_*_173 - AR
2znc_*_108 - AR
2znc_*_88 - AR
2znc_*_66 - AR
2znc_*_48 - AR
2znc_*_39 - AR
2znc_*_32 - AR
2znc_*_216 - EH
2znc_*_141 - EH
2znc_*_55 - HA
2znc_*_78 - HA
2znc_*_116 - HA
2znc_*_191 - HA
2znc_*_220 - HE

Homologous structures to 2znc classified in ArchDB

3znc - - percentage of sequence identity: 100