Information on SUBCLASS 4.30.1
Subclass Accession number: 3125
Subclass: 4.30.1 PSSM
Type: EH beta-alpha
DB: ArchDB95

Image coordinates: Rasmol PDB Jmol PDB
Consensus coordinates: Rasmol PDB Jmol PDB
Number of loops: 4

Average sequence ID (%) : 34.8 +/- 28.7
Average RMSD (Å) : 0.825 +/- 0.519

Consensus geometry
d (Å): 9 delta (°): 45-90 theta (°): 45-90 rho (°): 0-45
Consensus Sequence: hXppXNpX
(φψ)-conformation: bpababaa
Pattern: [EW][CI]x[KLT][ST][aks][N][FTY][AD]x[DG]
Loops included in this Subclass
LoopPDBChainStartEndSequenceSec StructRamachandran
1g61_A_20961g61   A20982108EIIKSKNTALGEEE--SS--HHbxxaxaxaaaa
1h8p_A_931h8p   A93103WCSLSPNYDKDEEESSSBHHHHbbxababaaaa
1l6j_A_2551l6j   A255265WCSTTANYDTDEEESSSBHHHHbbxababaaaa
1l6j_A_3721l6j   A372382WCATTSNFDSDEEESSSBHHHHbbxababaaaa
PDB ligands within a cut-off distance of 6 Å in this subclass
1h8p_A_931h8p   A     POCPHOSPHOCHOLINE W - 93
1h8p_A_931h8p   A     POCPHOSPHOCHOLINE Y - 100
PDB Site Annotated loops in this subclass
1h8p_A_931h8p   A AC3POC BINDING SITE FOR RESIDUE A1110W - 93
1h8p_A_931h8p   A AC3POC BINDING SITE FOR RESIDUE A1110Y - 100

Clusters included in this Subclass