Information on 1a8f
PDB: 1a8f
Compound: serum transferrin
Classification: IRON TRANSPORT
Entry date in PDB: 1998-06-17
Resolution [Å]: 1.80
R-Factor: 0.202

   KEYWORD: 3D-structure    Disease mutation    Glycoprotein    Iron transport    Metal-binding    Polymorphism    Repeat    Signal    Transport   
SCOP: c.94.1.2 Alpha and beta proteins (a/b)    Periplasmic binding protein-like II    Periplasmic binding protein-like II    Transferrin    Transferrin    Human (Homo sapiens)
GO:  extracellular region    ferric iron binding    iron ion homeostasis    iron ion transport   
1a8f Image
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Homologous structures to 1a8f classified in ArchDB

1h45 A - percentage of sequence identity: 61
1ryo A - percentage of sequence identity: 100