Information on 1jb3
PDB: 1jb3
Compound: agrin
Classification: CELL ADHESION
Entry date in PDB: 2001-08-08
Resolution [Å]: 1.60
R-Factor: 0.198
1jb3 Image
Image Source: PDB

Stored Loops of 1jb3

Loops in ArchDB95 clusters

1jb3_A_16 - HA => SUBCLASS : 5.12.1

Loops not clustered in ArchDB

1jb3_A_62 - AR
1jb3_A_34 - EH
1jb3_A_102 - EH
1jb3_A_83 - HA
1jb3_A_7 - HE
1jb3_A_48 - HE

Homologous structures to 1jb3 classified in ArchDB

1jc7 A - percentage of sequence identity: 99
1pxu A - percentage of sequence identity: 100