Information on 1pex
PDB: 1pex
Compound: collagenase-3
Entry date in PDB: 1996-12-23
Resolution [Å]: 2.70
R-Factor: 0.195

   KEYWORD: 3D-structure    Calcium-binding    Collagen degradation    Extracellular matrix    Glycoprotein    Hydrolase    Metal-binding    Metalloprotease    Polymorphism    Signal    Zinc    Zymogen   
EC: 3.4.24.-
SCOP: b.66.1.1 All beta proteins    4-bladed beta-propeller    Hemopexin-like domain    Hemopexin-like domain    Collagenase-3 (MMP-13), C-terminal domain    Human (Homo sapiens)
GO:  extracellular matrix (sensu Metazoa)    metalloendopeptidase activity    metallopeptidase activity    zinc ion binding    proteolysis and peptidolysis   
1pex Image
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Stored Loops of 1pex

Loops in ArchDB-EC clusters

1pex_*_443 - HA => SUBCLASS : 4.1.2

Loops not clustered in ArchDB

1pex_*_362 - AR
1pex_*_313 - EH
1pex_*_406 - EH
1pex_*_428 - HA
1pex_*_396 - HA
1pex_*_388 - HA
1pex_*_379 - HA
1pex_*_347 - HA
1pex_*_339 - HA
1pex_*_330 - HA
1pex_*_301 - HA
1pex_*_293 - HA
1pex_*_286 - HA
1pex_*_435 - HA
1pex_*_415 - HE
1pex_*_317 - HE

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