Information on SUBCLASS 3.9.2
Subclass Accession number: 6197
Subclass: 3.9.2 PSSM
Type: HA beta-beta hairpin
DB: ArchDB95

Image coordinates: Rasmol PDB Jmol PDB
Consensus coordinates: Rasmol PDB Jmol PDB
Number of loops: 9

Average sequence ID (%) : 7.1 +/- 11.2
Average RMSD (Å) : 0.478 +/- 0.205

Consensus geometry
d (Å): 5 delta (°): 90-135 theta (°): 135-180 rho (°): 315-360
Consensus Sequence: XXXXpXX
(φψ)-conformation: bbpaabb
Pattern: xx[aenqst][agpst][dgst]xx[cltvy]x
Loops included in this Subclass
LoopPDBChainStartEndSequenceSec StructRamachandran
1a1x_*_291a1x   -3543EEETSFLRAEE-SS-EEEbxxaabbbb
1cwv_A_7541cwv   A754762TEQPDSYTAEE-SS-EEEbxbaabbbb
1fvc_B_341fvc   B3846RQAPGKGLEEE-SSS-EEbbxaaxxxb
1gz7_A_5021gz7   A504512QINGLGLYTEE-SS-EEEbbbaabbbb
1j79_A_3251j79   A325332IALTDDTL.EE-SSSEE.bxbaabbb.
1m72_A_1411m72   A142149LYAKDTHY.EE-SSSEE.bbxaabbb.
1sdj_A_581sdj   A6269YFTPTVEV.EE-SSSEE.bbxaabxb.
1sgp_E_301sgp   E3139IYSSTGRCSEE-SS-EEEbbbaabbbb
1v3e_A_5051v3e   A509517YSTATERVNEE-SS-EEEbbbaabxab
PDB ligands within a cut-off distance of 6 Å in this subclass
1sdj_A_581sdj   A     MSESELENOMETHIONINE R - 61
1sdj_A_581sdj   A     MSESELENOMETHIONINE F - 63
1sgp_E_301sgp   E     PO4PHOSPHATE ION Y - 32

Clusters included in this Subclass