Package biana :: Package BianaParser :: Module biopaxLevel2Parser :: Class BiopaxLevel2Parser
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Class BiopaxLevel2Parser

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Class to handle content in Biopax Level2 XML files
Class for parsing individual XML files obeying BIOPAX Level 2 standards
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Starts the bianaParser Object
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Method to be overwritten by specific parsers
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  name = 'biopax_level_2'
  description = 'This file implements a program that fills up ta...
  external_entity_definition = ''
  external_entity_relations = ''
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Starts the bianaParser Object

Overrides: object.__init__
(inherited documentation)


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Method to be overwritten by specific parsers

The method must include the calls to control lock and unlock database procedures

Overrides: bianaParser.BianaParser.parse_database

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'This file implements a program that fills up tables in database biana\
 with information of a BIOPAX Level 2 formatted database'