Information on SUBCLASS 3.9.2
Subclass Accession number: 1744
Subclass: 3.9.2 PSSM
Type: AR beta-beta link
DB: ArchDB40

Image coordinates: Rasmol PDB Jmol PDB
Consensus coordinates: Rasmol PDB Jmol PDB
Number of loops: 13

Average sequence ID (%) : 10.8 +/- 14.8
Average RMSD (Å) : 0.569 +/- 0.304

Consensus geometry
d (Å): 11 delta (°): 0-45 theta (°): 0-45 rho (°): 0-45
Consensus Sequence: pXXppXh
(φψ)-conformation: bbababb
Pattern: [AKQRST][ailmptv]x[ehknrst][pqrst][ADRST][agimv]xx
Loops included in this Subclass
LoopPDBChainStartEndSequenceSec StructRamachandran
1a3q_A_2301a3q   A232239RMDKTAGS.EES-SEEE.bbababbx.
1cwv_A_7031cwv   A705712TVSTPDIL.EES-SEEE.bbababbx.
1dqs_A_3731dqs   A373381TPYETRASVEESSSS-EEbxababxbx
1f00_I_6591f00   I664671KADKTTAV.EES-SEEE.bbababbx.
1f00_I_7041f00   I704711KLSNSTEK.EES-SEEE.bxababbb.
1feu_A_1161feu   A118126QEIHRDILVEE--SEEEEbxababbxb
1k3i_A_5461k3i   A548555RTSTQSVK.EES-SEEE.bbababbx.
1l4i_A_21l4i   A311ALGATRVIYEES-SEEEEbxababbxb
1llf_A_2311llf   A231239KPLFRAGIMEES-SEEEEbpababbbb
1my7_A_1961my7   A198205RVNRRSGS.EES-SEEE.bbababbx.
1p5v_A_141p5v   A1523TIGESRIIYEES-SEEEEbxababbxb
1pzt_A_2711pzt   A271277RHISVAM..EE---EE..bbaxabx..
1qpx_A_21qpx   A311SLDRTRAVFEES-SEEEEbxababbbx
PDB ligands within a cut-off distance of 6 Å in this subclass
1feu_A_1161feu   A     CDCADMIUM ION H - 121
1feu_A_1161feu   A     CDCADMIUM ION R - 122
1feu_A_1161feu   A     CDCADMIUM ION D - 123
1feu_A_1161feu   A     CDCADMIUM ION I - 124
1feu_A_1161feu   A     CDCADMIUM ION L - 125
1feu_A_1161feu   A     MGMAGNESIUM ION K - 127

Clusters included in this Subclass