BADOCK - Prediction of binding free energy of protein interactions from unbound tertiary structures.

BIANA - A web portal that provides access to BIANA (Biological Interactions And Network Analysis tool).

BIPS - Biana Interolog Prediction Server. Predict putative protein-protein interactions based on homology.

C2H2ZF_repo - C2H2 Zf Data on C2H2ZF potentials and PWM. Structure modeling of C2H2 Zf and PWM prediction is obsolete (use ModCRE)

GUILDify - Genes Underlying Inheritance Linked Disorders web server: discovering novel targets for diseases.

GUILDify v2.0 - Genes Underlying Inheritance Linked Disorders web server: Updated version for co-morbidities

Galaxy-InteractoMIX - Galaxy platform composed of computational tools  addressing specific aspects of the study of protein–protein interactions.

iFrag - Protein-Protein Interface PredictionServer Based on Sequence Fragments

iLoops - Prediction of Protein-Protein Interactions from local structural features (loops or domains)

ModLink+ - A protein fold prediction method that uses protein-protein interactions.

ModCRE - Predicts the binding preferences of transcription factors (TFs) and does the modeling of TF-DNA interactions

SHIPREC - Salmonella/Host Protein-Protein Interaction Predictions Browser

SNOW - Standard nomenclature wizard to help searching for (bio) chemical standardized names.

SPServer - Evaluation of the energy of protein fold and protein-protein interaction models.

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