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This is the web server for BIANA (Biological Interactions And Network Analysis). Here, you can run BIANA by specifying your desired seed bioentities (e.g. proteins), setting the parameters (e.g. depth of network) and choosing which commands to run (e.g. print network in Cytoscape format). If you are unsure on the usage of this web server you can first try it using sample data. You will also find useful information in the help section of this server. If you want to execute BIANA locally or to know more about it, go to BIANA WebPage

1. Experiment 2. Define input (seed bioentities) 3. Network options 4. Output files My experiments
Experiment information
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BIANA database
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Define seed bioentities
Add list of bioentities Sample
Add bioentities from file Sample 1 Sample 2
Attribute Identifier type
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Type Attribute Type Values
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Relation network
Create a network at level Include relations between proteins in the last level
Relation types Method restrictions
Use self-relations
Add Interologs based on
Output attributes
Output file
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Include TAG linkage degree

Include nodes degree
Include nodes level
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File content Nodes Attributes
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