BIANA: Biologic Interaction and Network Analysis


BIANA software is being updated. A new release will be make public on Oct 2016. We are currently updating the installation procedure and current external database parsers. You can still use the previous releases normally. Thank you for your trust in our software.


Javier Garcia-Garcia, Emre Guney and Joan Planas-Iglesias are grateful to the support from "Departament d'EducaciĆ³ i Universitats de la Generalitat de Catalunya i del Fons Social Europeu". Baldo Oliva also acknowledges support from BSC and Mare-Nostrum facilities. This work was supported by grants from Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (MICINN) BIO2008-0205, and with FEDER support, PSE-0100000-2007 and PSE-0100000-2009, and from EU grant Etox (IMI 115002).
Copyright 2011 BIANA. All Rights Reserved.
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