BIANA: Biologic Interaction and Network Analysis


Download and installation

  1. BIANA Python Package

    Unix and MacOS:

    Download Source Package
    • BIANA Source code (for installation see below) Version: 1.4.6. Uploaded on June, 2020
    Installation from Source Package
    • Download and install python-mysql connector
    • Installation WITH system administration privileges (which will install biana in site-packages of default Python interpreter):
      	$> ./

    • Installation WITHOUT system administration privileges:
      • Use with destination path as an argument as follows:
        	\\$> ./ <path_to_install_biana>

      • Then update PYTHONPATH enviroment variable as follows (put it .bash_profile to make this change permanent)
        	\\$> export PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH:<path_to_install_biana>

      If you experience problems in installing python modules, you can learn more in

    Checking whether installation was successful
    To start using BIANA import biana library inside a Python script as follows:
            \\$> python
            >>> import biana
            BIANA> import biana.ext.networkx
    If you get an import error check the INSTALLATION steps above.


    Download Windows Installer
    Run Windows Installer
    Double click on the downloaded exe file and follow setup instructions.
  2. BIANA Cytoscape Plugin (requires BIANA Python package)

    • BIANA Cytoscape Plugin (copy this file into Cytoscape plugins path). You can also install the BIANA Cytoscape Plugin by using the Cytoscape Plugins Manager (Plugins -> Manage Plugins -> Change Download Site -> Edit sites -> Add Version: 1.2.6, uploaded on Nov 3rd, 2009
    • Execute Cytoscape and run BIANA Cytoscape plugin (Plugins -> BIANA).
    • Click on Configuration button and select Preferences.
    • Check the Python Interpreter is correctly assigned: In Windows, select the file biana.bat (found in you BIANA installation path). In UNIX based systems, select your Python interpreter (usually found at /usr/bin/python).

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